Monday, March 7, 2011

Being Creative is Where I Belong

All of the small event planning work I've been doing has been so rewarding. I love filling my evenings and weekends with sketching, brainstorming, staging/photographing and crafting. And this weekend was the bomb! Granted the house is in shambles, mostly because my new craft table is home, but unassembled, and so what would all happen on that glorious work surface is spewed out into the study (sewing machine and ironing board) and the craft room computer table and dinette table (cutting, hand-stitching, websurfing for ideas). Poor Gideon doesn't know where to go, since sleeping close to me means wading through piles of fabric and maneuvering around electrical cords. It ain't pretty.

Worked on machine-stitching napkins for the baby shower on March 20 as well as hand-stitching some felt items for my shower gift. My ironing board, as you can see below, did double duty not only for ironing but for measuring and ripping fabric.
And . . . this weekend I was honored to be asked to be wedding coordinator for Devon's wedding in September (which Ali Harper is shooting!)! And . . . Ali's wedding made the Southern Weddings Magazine blog here and here!. Can you see why I'm on a high?

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Christine said...

I love the way you think!

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