Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Whole New World

The lovely Tiffany blue and cream pitcher I've had forever took a nose dive early this week. I had pulled it down from the study shelves to use for Karla's shower and when I did, the pitcher was unglued from the base. I tried glue of every kind, but nothing seemed to work. With a little bit of floral tape, I was able to keep it whole through the shower. Once home, I put it back on the shelf but had my doubts that it would remain intact. Well, home that evening, rounded the corner, and there was the pitcher, in a zillion pieces on the study floor (poor Gideon must have been quite shaken when that sucker hit the ground). But the base — on the floor as well — was unscathed.

I've held onto this globe just 'cause I like the colors. I'd taken off the stand because it was red plastic. Cradled now by the new base, and topped off with an old wooden drawer knob, the world couldn't look any better.


Christine said...

I like that you can make Lemonade!

Stephanie said...

I was going to say the very same thing. "take lemons and make lemonade!"

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