Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Craft Table of All Craft Tables

So we have this area at work that has become a dumping ground. You know what I mean . . . the kitchen junk drawer. The president of the company wants it cleaned out. This huge rolling table (8 feet by 40"), whose tabletop and underbelly have attracted much of the office crap, is one of many things in the"drawer" that has to go.

It's always been of use to me. When I need a big surface to roll out fabric on or lay out a big project, I'll oftentimes cart my materials into the office and use this table. So when I knew it would likely see the dumpster or a posting on Craigslist, I approached Tod about buying it. His answer, "if you can get it out of here, it's yours free."

I plan on taking it all apart to load it up and get it home, painting it white and then covering the top with a pretty-patterned oil-cloth. Hoping it fits comfortably in the craft room. I can't imagine how wonderful it will be to work on such an expansive surface!


Honey said...

Wow! That is some work space! Think of all the fun things you are going to be able to create on it. Especially with an oil cloth top. Cuz cuteness does matter. :)

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic table! If it fit in my room, I would take it in a minute.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a great freebie!!! Would sure love something like that for my craft room to be. Jackie

Gretchen said...


This is going to be such a great space to work on.

You know how little my house is.


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