Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Care Package

I haven't been sending Harleigh the number of care packages I imagined way back when I planned for her migration into college life. She'll be ending her freshman year in May of this year, and this is the first fun package I've sent (the others have been retainers left from a weekend home, a new pedal for her bike . . . so not fun care package stuff). With the box I'm sending today, I can't even take credit for it being a "love and miss my daughter and want her to know I'm thinking of her" package. It was prompted by her needing her softball glove for a co-ed intramural team she's been asked to play on and her sunglasses left behind on her birthday weekend. The poor child just has to have some fun things packed into a box of expected items.

So I tucked in some gummi savers, one of Gideon's bandanas from a grooming visit (with a note from the pooch himself telling his favorite girl that he's giving it to her because he knows she likes peace signs and hippie-girl things), new socks, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters catalogs, a teen celebrity magazine, 3-D White toothpaste (the BEST toothpaste for whitening), gum, a McDonald's Barbie toy, nail polishes (Sally Hanson Wet Cement and Commander in Chic, plus a Justin Bieber purple — although I didn't splurge on the $7.00 bottle of purple from the actual One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber line). And I made a card with a picture I found of a ribbon-crafted peace sign on a chain link fence. Oh, and her sunglasses and glove and softball . . . what she really needs!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

She's gonna love that care package! What a great MOM you are! Have a blessed weekend. Jackie

Freckled Hen said...

You are a sweet mother, she will be so happy to receive it. I was just catching up on your blog-- your pictures are so pretty!

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