Sunday, March 27, 2011

A new generation of collections

I've loved creating a home for my daughter. And in that home, the collections have always been appreciated. The morning after a sleepover, a house full of girls, breakfast enjoyed on mismatched vintage china with cloth napkins, cereal milk in a ceramic pitcher, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and lots of afghans to wrap up in. The love and care I put into making cozy and homey experiences was never lost on the girls, who could never seem to get enough of the girliness of Chateau Gahan.

As Harleigh has grown into a young woman, away from home, I adore that she is wanting to create her own atmosphere of home, even if it's in the stark bedroom of a dormitory. This coming Fall she'll be moving into a four-bedroom duplex with three other girls, and she is most anxious to set up house, and is starting collections of her own. One, that I've begun for her, is her desire to collect big and pretty mugs. Her collection is off to a great start, with the bird one from Hobby Lobby and the other two from Anthropologie. My hope is that she has these mugs for her whole lifetime, that one day her daughter will be amongst friends, in jammies, up in the morning, drinking hot chocolate from big and pretty mugs, wishing that they lived in a house as homey as Miss Harleigh's.

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