Friday, September 12, 2008

Photography Bug

Even with my mid-priced digital camera, I've managed to get some decent shots for my blog. But since seeing other blogs with such beautiful photography, I have truly been bitten by the photography bug and the desire for more shooting options. Here are my new birthday pins in a peach pincushion.


kate said...

Nice shot! I know, I am always envious of great shots. I feel like mine always look wonky.

That peach pin cushion is adorable!

Liz said...

ME TOO! I was in love with my sister-in-law's Canon on vacation. But that will take a LOT of saving. :)

Elizabeth said...

That is a very sweet little picture. I love the pins and the peach pin cushion :) I have my eye on the Nikon D60 ;)

Daisys Little Cottage said...

You've got the bug and a great eye! Nice is addicting isnt it? The only hobby I know of where practice is FUN!
PS regarding your ? about porch is geared towards marketing vintage items for shop owners. The cover was great but upon further exploration in the mag I found many photos to be blurred due to poor resolution and increased size. I paid $10.00 for the magazine...there are no advertisements very little text and very few quality photos...Im sure they will improve with time as this is their first edition and volume but I doubt I will but again.

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