Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Headrest Cozy

My coworkers mock me (in a sweet way, mind you) that the Christmas season has officially begun when two things happen . . . . 1) I begin wearing my Christmas-pin-a-day. Never to be duplicated from one day to another. The collection is so vast that I usually don them starting November 1,

and 2) when I drive up to the office and have my Christmas headrest cozies on.

My sister actually gave me the idea; she uses bandanas, which are easy to find themed to any holiday. I made a set for Christmas, but I went the route of buying fabric, cutting a rough pattern to the shape of the headrest, then trimming it with ball fringe. I decided this weekend that I wanted cozies for the Fall. I found these napkins at a local hobby store for $1.29 a piece. They work for Halloween and also into Thanksgiving. I then pinned the fabric (luckily I have fabric upholstery, not leather) using straight pins, pulling it taut. I think they turned out great! (The second one is most true to its actual color.)

(Now you see why the only man who will ever suit me is the one who wears a Santa hat while Christmas shopping!)


Empty Nest Full Life said...

You have been right busy this weekend haven't you? I was hoping for pictures of those projects you were talking about. I can't wait to see your bedroom curtains. Hope they turn out just like you want them to. Jackie

kate said...

Oh my goodness! You are my favorite. I would have never thought to make headrest covers for the car!

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