Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fairy Lights for those who inspire

Ali (over at Flibberty Gibbets) inspired me to start a blog (thank you, thank you, thank you!), and then Jane at Posy — through the beauty and words of her blog, each post leaving me breathless with the treasure I had stumbled upon — encouraged me without even knowing it. She has been having a tough go of things lately with blips in her health that have left her feeling rather frustrated and defeated. And yet, as always, she manages to inject in all her readers a generous dose of smiles and happiness.

She did a post this past week on putting fairy lights on her mantle, and encouraged others to do the same. I pulled out my own fairy lights, a set given to me by a friend and past co-worker years and years ago, a set that has adorned everything from a headboard in the bedroom to the window frame above my kitchen sink. So Jane, here's to you, good health, and "heading into autumn with a little bit of sparkle."

Put up your own fairy lights as Jane has done and let her know you are sending good get-well wishes her way!


Laura said...

SO pretty!!

Gretchen said...

What exactly are fairy lights as opposed to other lights?


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty. Isn't Jane a Hoot! I love her obsession with Cris Martin of Cold Play.

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