Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blind as a Bat

When it comes to seeing up close, I've become rather challenged. I have a pair of reading glasses (from the Dollar Store) in every room of the house. Much like keeping the remote handy but camouflaged, my reading glasses need to be handy but blend in as nicely as possible with all the prettiness that surrounds me.

In my bedroom they rest on a tin tray along with lip balm, a candle and matches, and a starfish. In the study where I do most of my crafting, they are hooked on a green bean can used to hold supplies. And in my bathroom they share a pretty vintage cup with a pen.

The fruit bowl in the kitchen is home to another pair. Then there's the two pair in the rumpus room, one next to my reading chair and another in a bowl with paper clips and loose coins next to the computer. And in the living room I have a pair next to my chair. In the ken, they nest in the gravy boat I just got yesterday. Now you see why I make all my eyeglass purchases at the Dollar Store.

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