Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break in England

On past Spring Breaks, Harleigh and I have headed to the Florida Gulf Coast and stayed in various rental bungalows and houses. On the last few trips, I've indulged myself with the purchase of British home and decorating magazines (rather pricey here in the States, but worth every penny). But this year Mommy will be staying at Chateau Gahan for the Spring Break while Harleigh heads to Florida with a girlfriend and her family. I plan on doing lots of nesting, but figured that my one splurge should not be solely saved for sitting on the sand under a beach umbrella, so I bought two today . . . along with Artful Blogging, a book unto itself.

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daisy cottage said...

Hi Dawn!
I hope you have a fabulous spring break! Enjoy every minute!


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