Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet Books and Flocked Ponies

I have a few books on my study shelves that are ones I read over and over again. Anything by David Sedaris is worth reading again for a good laugh out loud — his humor never gets stale. Peace Like a River and A Painted House are faithful repeats. And I'm a huge fan of Deborah Smith. Most of what she writes is in the romance genre — not my fave type of reading — but others she's written are beyond wonderful. Side story: A friend had lent me one of Deborah's books, A Place to Call Home. I couldn't read it quickly enough. Each page was better than the next. (I think I even highlighted lines I liked.) A few months after finishing the book, I was walking through a mall and passed a book store. In the window was a sign "Book signing today with Deborah Smith." I took a quick detour and walked up to the table and met her. I was so overcome with emotion that as soon as I was finished chatting with her, I grabbed my daughter, hid in the book stacks and cried. Embarrassing as all get out. Not sure what came over me, other than I had loved the book so much and got so much pleasure in telling the woman who wrote it just how much it meant to me. A chance I normally wouldn't get.

Anyway, there's no chance of meeting Truman Capote, but this little book of three of his short stories is also on my list of read-agains. I savor these little gems of stories. They're so simple and honest. And with so few words, Mr. Capote can paint such a vivid picture of his characters. And this book is all about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays . . . making them that much more endearing. A must for your study shelves!

And here's a little jar I decorated with this super cute flocked pony. Found some at the craft store in all kinds of fun colors and couldn't resist.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that the Truman Capote book is good. I'll have to check it out! -courtney

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