Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nice neighbors are such a blessing

I am truly blessed to have the neighbors that I do. Everyone is respectful, nice and cares about the street we live on. When our kids were little, the street bustled a little more, with bike riding, tent building, and outdoor games. Now that the kids are older, there's less of that. It's now kids home from college for the weekend, prom pictures out in the driveway, and boys who once ran through the sprinkler now cutting lawns for spending money. My neighbors next door smoke me a turkey every year for Thanksgiving and give me a crate of citrus for Christmas. Harleigh delivers cookies every Christmas pulling her little red wagon (which I still make her pull even though she's a teenager . . . the neighbors love the tradition . . . although I've given in on not making her wear the Santa hat). I feel safe and thought of on a daily basis.

Jacques and Marie across the street are French, and Marie makes these wonderful chocolates which Jacques dropped off this afternoon as an Easter treat. Ooo-la-la.

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