Monday, April 22, 2013


Didn't have much time this weekend to do what I do best on a weekend . . . putter, nest, soak up all the simple happiness of my Chateau Gahan. My outside-of-home commitments were all good — a church retreat Friday night and all day Saturday, then Sunday morning church and an afternoon meeting with a bride and groom and their photographer — but nothing beats the true objects of my affection: home, Gideon and projects and musings around every corner.

The only real outdoor activity I got around to was washing my car, and with the sunshine warm on my back and Gideon snoozing on the front patio with one eye open for passing dogs and their walkers, I took to hosing and sponging my SUV with the joy and care of bathing a baby. It was relaxing beyond words.

Each day of my work week has me pretty focused. Which leaves weekends often hijacked by errands and things I couldn't get to during the week. And so my approach to gardening isn't one of meticulous planting, watering, pruning and weeding. It's pretty much the stick-it-in-the-ground and hope-it-takes-root-and-grows-to-fill-up-dirt-plots method of gardening. I'm attacking it one dirt (or in some cases, overgrown with weeds) plot at a time. The narrow bed near my front door was the first to get my attention, because it's what I see when I look out my front door, and what greets me when I come home. The English Garden look works good with my "carefree" gardening attitude, and it's caught on nicely, although my variegated vinca vine might be taking over a bit. The peony bush has five large bloom heads on it; can't wait to cut these for vases. And the bright green euphorbia will need a good pruning once the blooms  fade. The clematis climbing up my rainspout gets cut back every fall and comes back each spring even fuller and hardier. Just ignore the Brady Bunch modern rancher diagonal siding on my house. Ugh.

Everyone at work, bless their hearts, is intent on gifting me with anything that might be craft-worthy. Tin cans (from coffees, teas, candies, etc.) have made their way home with me, thanks to co-workers' kindness. I've amassed quite a stash and have plans for pretty ways to alter their branded faces.  Sister Karla had a friend who was giving away two cupcake stands (each holds 23); jumped on those. And while washing the car, I set up the card table and sprayed them (along with a can from my new collection) gold, my new go-to color. Lots of crafting sessions to look forward to with the cans. Will keep you posted!

Some images from around Chateau Gahan. 
I love my Burwood oval hobnail mirror in the hallway. 
And across from it is a molded plastic vintage mirror 
(the framed butterflies are ones my sister and I 
caught when we were little, and my mom mounted). 
I found the pink and navy slipper chair at a yard sale for $5 and it will always have a place in my home.

And Gideon, dear Gideon, sitting and peeking through the fence. What a nut.


Lisa said...

Beautiful, can't wait to see what you do with your stash.
Love Gideon, the pictures of his nose up close are just oh so sweet. Thanks for sharing him!

Gretchen said...

Everything is looking beautiful at Chateau Gahan. I love your bed by the front door with all those plants. Those cupcake stands are going to be really fun to use. I never see coffee in cute tins like that. Of course, I only drink tea so that may be why I missed them. Love Gideon with his Summer do.

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