Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cake Stands as Easels

Painting this piece (go a little way down in the post to see the candle wall medallion) began with an outdoor spray-paint base coat. The project was then ushered inside for the touch-ups. I began painting on a piece of cardboard that, as you can see, has seen its share of projects. But turning the piece, while wet, was sorta messy, so I enlisted the help of a cake stand. Not only does it get the piece off the table surface, allowing me to paint from both top and bottom, but by simply hand-turning the base, I'm able to hit every nook and cranny easily. If you're using a cake stand that you think might accidentally get paint dribbles on it, cover the top of the stand with a paper plate.

The images below are from recent Instagram postings. Gideon before and after is obvious; a summer cut was in order, what with the warmer weather teasing us on a daily basis.

This past week the world celebrated National Sibling Day. Who the heck came up with that one??? Hallmark, guess who called last night, National Sibling Day, and it wants to know why you keep coming up with holidays to make us feel guilty if we don't send a card or place a phone call. Anywho, my sissy deserves a shout-out everyday, cause she's the bomb diggity. Here we are below in all our short-bang cuteness.

And the snippet of my new athletic shoes are a woot!woot! to my new workout routine, thanks to the girls in the office. We're doing Jillian Michaels' 90-day program. Every weekday for a half hour.. It's kickin' my butt, and I'm loving every minute of it AND the results I'm seeing.

And the other image is just a random vignette from Chateau Gahan.

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