Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend

Don't think the weather here in ATL could have been more perfect. Although a good part of my to do's this weekend were inside, having the windows and doors open brought the outside in.

While out and about running errands yesterday, I did detour into a thrift store (a rare instance these days while I'm busy building savings). Found this jewelry box that I had to bring home. Much like the other one I found and revamped (see before and after), this one will be getting a makeover. I've always loved those chippy, vintage doll dressers, and this one reminded me of those (without the huge price tag that usually goes with them). A sizable stash of my crafting essentials are stored in plastic and glass containers/units, but I much prefer the charm of a vintage jewelry box for storage. This one has pretty blood-orange velvet drawer linings.

Harleigh will be home this coming weekend for a bridal shower. I've been cleaning her room; changing her sheets led to tidying up the linen closet. My obscenely large collection of vintage pillow cases seems to demand more and more shelf space.

Her pillows got dressed in some turquoise blue roses and an embroidered cross (the latter a gift from my  crafty sis).

Front and center in my craft room is Muffin the Clown, a toy from when Harleigh was little, and one that brings back many fond memories, as he always accompanied us on beach trips with Grandie and Poppy.

Gideon got his summer cut on Saturday. So naked. But with less "coats," enjoys sunning himself at the open front door.

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Carole said...

I see people paint and do all kinds of cute things with old jewelry boxes. I've thought about it from time to time, but the boxes that I most often come across are usually in rough shape inside, and too expensive. I could reline the drawers, but don't know if I want to go to that much work. lol

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