Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bridal Shower Gift

Harleigh came home this weekend for a bridal shower. One of the directors at Camp All American is getting married this July. With her being so busy with tests this past week, I offered to put together a shower gift.  Unfortunately, with my work schedule and evening commitments this past week, I wasn't able to get to the bride's registry stores that carry most of her needs. I hit up Target, but most items on the list were high-ticket pieces (I managed to get one dish towel).  Normally I try to honor brides' and mom-to-bes' registry needs, but in this case I figured Harleigh could pull from the registry for the wedding gift. So I got a little creative with this gift to make up for the registry-fail.

The hostess requested that each guest bring a recipe card. Made two, one for white chili and the other for a poppy seed cake that I make frequently. Both recipes are big-time keepers.

I started with a white box, cut the lid off, reinforced the bottom with a foamcore insert, and wrapped it in ribbon (secured the ribbon with two-sided tape. I added the flower, punching a hole in the box for the small stem, and gluing the bloom in place. Then I just added tissue paper.

I found this anthropologie-esque ceramic container at Target and wrote their initials on the chalkboard label. Put a plant inside for a homey feel. (Although it doesn't look great, I did try to subtly add some clear wrap to the top of the container to hold in the dirt.)

Saw the ring holder and got the idea to style it with fake wedding and engagement rings. What bride doesn't need a safe place to put her rings when washing up?

And behind the plant and recipe cards are the cake mix, pudding and poppy seeds needed to make the cake.

For the card, I used a piece of scrapbook card stock. 
I've had these kitschy plastic charms in my craft stash for awhile, and strung them on embroidery floss. Slipped it into a paper sleeve (Harleigh wrote on the back of the card).

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