Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today is the first day I've pulled out the laptop. Believe me, books have been much better suited for my lap since setting foot in this heaven.

Gideon and I began the journey early Saturday morning, but not until after a long prayer — one said out loud so that Gideon, too, could be part of the conversation. I gave him a dose of Dramamine (my boy gets carsick) and with a few stops along the way, made it to our destination safely (and with no getting sick), ready to enjoy the whole sunny afternoon ahead of us. I shot this picture as we were leaving home, and it wasn't until I took a closer look at it today did I realize that a powerline pole above Giddy's head resembles a cross. God was indeed my co-pilot.

What I've found since I arrived and immersed myself in this delicious house and its surroundings is that I'm feeling protective. Protective of my time here and the escape it affords me. I thought I'd blog more, but being in front of a computer feels too much like my real world. I'm enjoying the disconnect from normal life. I've loved watching my dog play in the teasing waves. Relished the hours sitting in a beach chair staring at the ocean. Marveled at the nakedness of the beach, void of people. Aside from church on Sunday morning and a trip to the palm-tree landscaped Publix, I haven't left the house. I divide my days between walks on the beach and noodle-floating in my private pool, all of it punctuated with an hour here and there of good reads. The house has a steam room, and so at the end of each day I steam the suntan lotion out of my pores, take a hot shower and hug the house in a giant thank-you embrace.

I will write more tomorrow — church in a vintage horse stable overlooking the marsh and Gideon jumping into the pool, two highlights of the trip so far.

Pix below from our first two days here. The picture on the right center is of the beach conservation patrol whom I see every morning on our walks. They check the turtle nests along the beach, one of which is smack dab in front of my place.

Every morning, Gideon and I are up for the sunrise. 
After a long walk on the beach, he likes to plop in the sand. 
I take a seat too on the sand damp with morning, and the two of us enjoy the joy of being still.


Christine said...

You have found your bliss.
Thank you for taking the time to share.
Love the beach.

Gretchen said...

What a pefect omen for you trip when I saw the cross. I'm so glad you are loving your time. Relax, enjoy and forget about the outside world.

DTPfromATL said...

just catching up on your blog and i have tears in my eyes. miss you so much. happy that you're enjoying time at the beach. hope that we can catch up soon. phone date? xoxo.

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