Thursday, October 4, 2012


So this evening Harleigh and Kasey arrive. After being alone for 6 days, it will be nice to have their company. And if Kyle and Morgan come as planned (Kasey's brother and his girlfriend), then we'll have a full house, and honestly, a chance for me to cook for a crew, which I love.

Today the sun is out in full splendor, and the humidity is being chipped away at by a light breeze. I'll get my bills paid this morning, revisit my shopping list, and head into town for a post office and grocery trip. Then it's a full afternoon of beach and pool, all with a good book. The house needs a light tidying up, and then I'll shower and actually put on make-up for the kids; there has been nothing put on my face this past week except sunscreen and Dove soap.

The hair on Gideon's legs gets all curly with the salt water. And the chandelier in the living room drips with tons of clear glass balls and flowers. They remind me of fishing floats.

The shelling has been interesting. While the shells are rather common, albeit plentiful, I've chanced upon some nice specimens, including a piece of wood that will make for a great sign. Here are some of my finds that include a feather and a great piece of piling with a rusty hook.

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