Monday, October 15, 2012

Last Batch of Beach Images

As if I haven't bored you all enough with my sabbatical pix, here is another batch (the last of them).

Gideon had his bed with him and we placed it right where he could watch the ocean.

The great selection of books that took up residency in my lap for 14 days. 
Ain't reading just about the best and most relaxing way to spend downtime?

On our last morning, it was the most windy of all the days we'd been there, 
and the waves were especially foamy. 
Gideon looks like he's at the North Pole on a snowy and desolate stretch of nowhere, 
when in reality we're both ankle deep in bathwater-warm tide.

The dining room nautical decor. A view of our little A-frame from the beach. 
And the morning ritual of a jigsaw puzzle and coffee; getting up at sunrise allowed me these lolling stretches of time to piddle without feeling like I'd wasted the day inside.

The bookshelves and baskets of good reads made the house feel homey and lazy. 
The pic upper left is the second-story loft space with bunk beds (a double below, twin above), 
a seating area and a bathroom/laundry room combo.

A view down into the living room from the second-story loft.
Lower right image is of the kitchen. Always lit a ton of candles as the sun was going down.

A view from the third-story bedroom which has a giant jacuzzi tub. 
I managed to get one bath in during my stay. 
Gotta admit that the first-floor steam room with two shower heads 
was my preferred relaxing daily routine.


Christine said...


Empty Nest Full Life said...

What a view. Definitely looks like a wonderful place to get away!

Gretchen said...

Glad you had such a great time! Did you enjoy "Killing Lincoln"? I've been thinking about getting it but wasn't sure.

Ashley said...

Glad you had a great sabbatical! I've enjoyed the pics! :)

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