Friday, September 28, 2012

Count Down

I've gotten a ton done while at home this week. Everything from doctor appts (including my free flu shot at Target . . . yay!), service appts. at Chateau Gahan (furnace cost me a little bit more than I had anticipated, but whatever), car service to prep for the roadtrip, fun diversions (Serenbe, lunch at Mom's yesterday, catching up on past TV shows, to the library — it's been awhile since I'd been and I forgot just how relaxing it is to lose oneself in the stacks), and packing and list making for the beach. Harleigh and I are doing Monday/Wednesday/Friday prayer time in the morning over the phone which is such a peaceful and grounding way to start each day. We get a good chat in and then settle into our time with God, together. I've enjoyed every minute of week #1, but am ready for a change. The TripTik is printed out and the beach is calling my name.


Christine said...

Bon Voyage!

Claudia said...

Have a great time, Dawn!


Gretchen said...

Hope your are enjoying your time at the beach!

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