Sunday, October 21, 2012


Survived the first week back to work after the three-week sabbatical. It was a busy week, but would have been so even if I'd not been out for that length of time. Within a day I was back in the saddle.

Am gearing up for the company Feast, which is early this year, November 5. I have crafting out the whazoo to accomplish. It will get done, always does.

Decorated for Halloween yesterday. Most of my decorations are from Dollar Tree. I LOVE that store. NOTE: The best way to get items to stick to something without damaging the surface is Floral Cling. That's how I got all my spiders in place; and they ain't goin' anywhere until I take them down. The Floral Cling can be reused.

The white spiders on the webs in the two pix below glow in the dark.

I have my beach hat hanging on the inside of the door and the haunted knocker on the outside. 
When I sit in my living room, I like to see the hat, reminding me of hours on the beach.

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Gretchen said...

I don't mind spiders and obviously you don't either. Everything looks very festive and fun!

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