Monday, October 29, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Frankenstorm definitely touched us with a ghostly presence here on Sunday. Our warm and sunny week gave way to winds, cold temps and cloudy skies. I thought it rather perfect for our church Trunk or Treat — felt so Fall and Halloweeny. This year, the church asked if I could do face painting and temporary tattoos, and I jumped at the chance. For 2 1/2 solid hours I painted and tattooed, kids and adults alike. I love how every child, no matter how wild, antsy or loud they usually are, become quiet, attentive angels when getting their face painted. With the wind whipping, parents held kiddos' hair and wigs aside, while I created mini masterpieces of flowers, hearts, Spiderman, cats and dogs to my heart's content. And their little faces when I hand them a mirror . . . priceless. The pastor came over and said with a grin "you're in your element, aren't you?" I was, indeed.

Here I am with my hair all wrapped up in hair scrunchies and clips, a winter scarf around my neck and two layers of sweaters. I tried painting with my fingerless gloves, but that proved to be too awkward, so I went at it bare-handed, apologizing to my steady stream of customers for my ice-cold touch.

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