Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week 2

I usually count down the weeks of summer based on Harleigh's 10 weeks of work at Camp All-American, and so we are finished week 2 of our summer. It's been glorious to not only have the girl home, but to have her boyfriend Kasey just a few neighborhoods over, staying with a host family as he, too, works at CAA. I took off work early on Friday to head into camp for their end-of-week assembly, where Harleigh, now as a core leader, takes front-and-center-stage for all the festivities that end the campers' week. As it does every year, it brought back so many wonderful memories of her as a camper here, way back when. I usually find myself tearing up over the most routine, yet for me touching, moments of assembly. And to see my sweet pea as a leader, not just for the children but as a discipling leader of 8 counselors . . . I can't be more proud.

She and Kasey, their sun-kissed faces both tired and alive, talk non-stop about their days, recounting stories of kids and counselors alike. We went out to dinner last night, me enjoying time with them before they head to the beach for Kasey's family vacation. The week will be quiet for me, no doubt.

Pulled one of my watches out of my vast collection today to wear to a morning appt. Love that they don't work anymore, and it doesn't matter. Which is ironic considering that one of my sticklers is not only being on time, but being early.

Gideon and I spent the hot afternoon in the front and back yards doing yardwork. Having "property" was a gimme when Harleigh was younger, but now that she's grown (and I have a dog who could care less about running around acreage; I let him out and he goes to the bathroom then holds court on the back patio), I would much rather have a townhouse with a small courtyard of pea gravel.

After hours pruning and pulling weeds, I got the nod from the man of the house that it was time to come inside for AC and a bowl of water. Inside the walls of Chateau Gahan is where he finds happiness. 

The hot air balloon is a treasure I purchased on one of our family beach vacations. I want to say it was to Marco Island, but I could be wrong. It makes me happy. And especially as it floats in the window against dotted swiss curtains.

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Gretchen said...

I'm so glad you are having fun having Harleigh home. I know what you mean about having less property. I'm ready for a patio home anytime. Gideon looks so content and happy in those pictures. Ah, the life of a pampered dog.

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