Monday, June 25, 2012

Blogging Friends

Gretchen (over at Bird Nest Cottage) and I have been blogging friends for years. I went to visit her a couple of years ago and just last week she came to Atlanta, a chance for us, once again, to talk face-to-face (instead of just reading each other's blogs and commenting). She was here for Haven, a blog conference. One of the great things about blog friends is that you 1) usually have a ton in common because you follow the blogs you genuinely like/connect with, and 2) when you do see each other, there's tons to talk about (a million conversation starters based on all the stuff you've been reading about each other!).

I got her a little something to welcome her to the big ATL — this chalkboard label spice jar from anthropologie (a store she's never been to, and next visit she makes here we are SOOO going to go). Since I had attached this twig pencil to the top, I wanted to "gift tag" the box in pencil. So dear Laura worked her illustrative magic.

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Gretchen said...

I love it sooo much!! Thank you again for making my trip to Atlanta extra fun. You are so very, very special to me.

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