Saturday, June 30, 2012


104 degrees here today. My fingernails were sweating. Brutal.

Yesterday I took off of work early to meet Kasey's mom so that we could go to Camp All-American and see Harleigh and Kasey. We got to see both the assemblies, talk a lot, visit with our two kids, meet their friends. It was a great afternoon. The four of us went to dinner, then Karen headed home, a bit of a drive back to Monroe before dark. The heat knocked me out. I was showered, in bed and sound asleep by 9:00. Here are a ton of pix, some from Karen and others from Facebook.

At "big assembly" it's all the campers. Parents sit in the back and balcony of the auditorium.  God-loving bedlam it is.

Harleigh and the girls in her core leader group.

At "big assembly" the core leaders get to be on stage. Harleigh, with a healthy dose of my genes, has no trouble getting up in front of people looking like a nut. There's no other gene pool I'd rather swim in. Makes our lives fun.

Kasey showing us the human fussball games. How crazy is that?

Kasey's group of boys this past week. Doesn't one kid have to sport a blue tongue from a ring pop? Mandatory.

Once again, the gene pool proves that its fun jumping in the waves.

And as you can see by Kasey's stance, upper right, the two families and their silliness get along just fine.

I have foot surgery next Friday. Made the mistake of googling what I have. What the heck was I thinking? I came across everything from an article about saving money and doing the surgery myself (really???) to people who had the surgery and are now cripples. Harleigh reminded me that when she was taking a lot of laxatives because of a bad case of constipation, she googled "extreme use of laxatives" only to be convinced that within weeks she'd be forced to use a colostomy bag. Needless to say, I'm daunted by the whole ordeal . . . 1) someone touching my feet literally sends me through the roof with anxiety; I told my foot doctor when he went to examine me that I could pass out when he put a hand to my ailing arch, and 2) the aftermath of being in a giant boot (see pic below) and on crutches sounds just plain inconvenient and sore on the armpits. Not to mention having stitches taken out of said sensitive appendage. Eeegads, I'm getting light-headed just thinking about it.

Have gotten a bit obsessed with Instagram and Hipstamatic (pix above). Hipstimatic was so worth it to get more filters.


Elizabeth said...

Looks like Harleigh is having a very fun summer!!!

I hope you survive your foot surgery! I decided not to google anything about my hip surgery, and I'm so glad I didn't, because I would have gone into the surgery convinced that the doctor was going to knick my sciatic nerve!!!

You will be fine :)

Lisa said...

Oh gosh. I haven't been over here in forever. So glad to see Harleigh is having such a great time and doing so well. I hope your surgery goes so smoothly you don't have time to even worry about it. Internet diagnosing is the worst!!! No matter what the symptoms, the prognosis is death or dismemberment.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Oh my, I thought I was going to have to have foot surgery as well, but second opinion said we needed to try all routes of treatment before we pursue surgery.That was a relief! I will be thinking about you, and praying for a speedy recovery.

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