Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Beach Vacation

One of the things that connects me and Harleigh to Kasey and his family is the unconditional love of family. Granted, his one is quadruple the size of ours, but they cherish the traditions and simple joy of being together just as much as our little one does. So watching Harleigh join the Browns on their annual family outing to the beach has been heartwarming. Day after day of jumping the waves, building sandcastles, playing card games late into the night, walking the beach, talking talking talking . . . and all in the midst of loving kin. Miss Karen, Kasey's mom, has made it special by doing namesake buckets for all the "kids" (in this case ranging from single digits to double). And her photography has created a daily storybook for me of my girlie's great week with the boy she cares so deeply about and the family that embraces her so.

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Gretchen said...

What a wonderful way to have family time! I'm going to write down that bucket idea for our next trip to the beach with the big kids and little kids. What a great idea. No wonder you are both in love with this terrific son and incredible family.

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