Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Wedding for Harleigh and Kasey

It wasn't that many weeks ago that they were attending one wedding, and this weekend it's another. I love how Harleigh changes up her look whenever she has the chance to do herself all up (and good gosh, Kasey can do a 180 with just a haircut!). She had her highlights done today, and we opted to get her an updo for the occasion, a Hayden Panettiere 'do that she'd seen that seemed to suit her curly locks and blond streaks to perfection.

The two are troopers. The weeks of summer camp counseling, evening Bible studies and early morning boot camps are enough to poop out the toughest of young adults. And they'd been at the Starlight Drive-In last night with 30+ camp counselors and leaders for two feature shows, getting them home at 2AM, only to have to get up early today to tackle commitments. Good for the soul.

I love being around these two. Their adoration for each other makes me feel young and happy.


Elizabeth said...

She looks beautiful, and I LOVE her hair!!! They make such a cute couple.

I love being around my daughter and her boyfriend also :)

Gretchen said...

What a cute, cute couple! I love Harleigh's hair but I hardly recognized Casey with his Summer hair cut.

Harleigh is sooo beautiful, just like her mother.

Thank you again so much for picking me up Thursday night and taking me to dinner and giving me such a thoughtful gift. You are just the best kind of friend this old girl could have.

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