Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vanity Chair

While out running wedding errands near Grant Park, an area I rarely visit, I came across this little gem of a thrift shop. Lots of kitchenware and furniture, and since Harleigh and three other girls will be furnishing a four-bedroom duplex in the fall, thought it be worth a stop (especially since — with my girl's welcoming encouragement — we plan on making their house a home on the cheap). 

Emily and Harleigh have the two upstairs bedrooms, both with a portion of the ceiling at an attic-charming slant, and with dormer windows. Their shared bathroom (with shower, tub and a double sink) is the size of a small bedroom, so there's room for a big chair and even a dresser or vanity. We might even be able to put in a three-panel screen for some dressing room drama.

I fell in love with this wooden vanity chair (in a pretty mustard yellow), which I know they can find use for in the bathroom. In the meantime, it fits nicely at my small kitchen table, its shallow depth perfect for the ken, where space is at a minimum.


Christine said...

You have been hitting the mother load these past few days, with some really great items. On top of getting ready for the wedding.

I'll be thinking about you this weekend.

Claudia said...

I used to have a vanity chair just like this one. It brings back memories of my grandmother who gave it to me.


Ashley said...

Harleigh's new house sounds awesome!

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