Monday, June 20, 2011

Easter in July

When Laura sent me this post via Barbara, I knew I couldn't wait until next Easter to try out a Martha craft using silk ties to dye eggs. I made a pit stop at my local thrift store but could only find two 100% silk ties with a decent pattern (but alas not a lot of color, which is supposedly the way to go with these bad maama jaamas). I tried this one (a black and white Art Deco-ish pattern) and it came out wonderfully. So now I'm on the hunt for silk ties — loud ones. Just one more reason to stop in every thrift store I come across!!!


vox8 said...

That is really cool and graphic, glad to see the technique worked out for you.

But yes, the uglier and more garish the tie - the prettier the egg. Reds and blues transfer particularly well, greens frequently transfer primarily as yellow.

vox8 said...

Heh,sorry I replied with the wrong identity selected. This is Barbara from Tumped Duck!

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