Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Evolution with Color

Molly and I were chatting today about home decor 
and she was talking about a friend's house and her own home — lots of white and cream, woods and burlap fabrics, with minimal pops of color — and how much she gravitates toward that style. 
I was quite the white and cream gal awhile back 
(and to this day feel nostalgic and sometimes a bit homesick for those surroundings), 
but for some reason I've become quite the lover of color. 
Over the last five years I've fallen in love with English country homes 
and their mismatch of faded-from-washing fabrics. 
I've watched Rachel Ashwell over the years begin to pepper her white palette with color 
and still create calming atmospheres. 
I'll still always love a beachy white room 
and swoon over the interiors in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, 
but I live with color now, lots of it, perhaps a nod to my own evolving, 
wanting to surround myself with whatever I like as long as it makes me happy.


Claudia said...

Me, too. I admire the pale, white look but I must have color. It makes me happy.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

When I started my kitchen re-do. I was headed in the direction of totally muted colors, neutral, and very little color, but I immediately missed it. All of my white ended being a bit more than I expected, so I am adding back color, bit by bit. I am just a color girl at heart. Jackie

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