Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Craft Table is Home

Remember the craft table that I inherited from a stash of items my boss was wanting to get rid of? Well, she's home. Thanks to my Dad who put it all together for me, it is now THE nucleus of my craft room. The top measures 40" x 97", the base is on casters so it rolls so very easily, the wood braces at the base are perfect height to rest my feet on from my tall stool perch . . . it is so everything I've ever wanted in a working surface!

The top is a plain ol' piece of MDF which was paint-splattered, so I knew I needed to cover it. Tried finding white oilcloth, but the cheapest to be found online was at Amazon, and when I put it into my cart, it came up as out-of-stock. I called around, and the girl at Hancock Fabrics told me they carried white oilcloth. When I went in to buy it, turns out it isn't white oilcloth, but fleece-backed tablecloth plastic. On sale for $1.69 a yard (and at 60" wide), I figured it might be the better option. Not to mention that it's a bit easier to fold than oilcloth.

With a few folds and a staple gun, my table is now covered in a wipeable, water resistant fabric. I have a cutting matte for when I use an exacto blade, and a piece of glass for when I need an extra-hard surface. Not too shabby for a free piece of furniture. I plan on sewing a gathered skirt for around the table, to hide all the storage I'll be creating below.

Now I can use the filagree bicycle basket as a holder for all of my event folders.
And the framed Home Arts cover mirrors my very own table and stool!


Rachel said...

I'd love to have a nice, big table like yours! Wonderful! But I'd have to find a nice, big room for it ;)

Love the filagree basket too.

xo to you and Gideon

Claudia said...

I'm so glad you got it all put together. What a great addition to your craft room!


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