Monday, April 18, 2011

Lampshade Inspiration

Have been especially inspired by lampshades lately. Friend and past co-worker Jesse is getting married in September and I've offered to help her with some ideas. Much like any kind of brainstorming, some brainchilds might not fit the bill, but can lead to other hatchlings. I'm sending her this outdoor chandelier I made. I used fabrics more in line with her wedding color scheme. I wrapped the jar candle-holder in eyelet (which is especially important in the wedding; don't want to spill the beans). Both her wedding and her reception are outdoors, in a rustic enchanted setting. And the whole shebang will span the range of daylight to dark, so candlelight ambience is a gimme. A row of these, all different shapes, but utilizing the same fabrics, might be a nice touch above the food table. Perhaps one or two over the guestbook table. When she opens the box, who knows what she'll think. To use? As inspiration? Who knows. But it sure was fun coming up with a project that I know I'll use again!

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