Saturday, April 16, 2011

The TO DO List

[Starting off this post with two pictures: the $1 tulips and the $4 roses from Kroger. Gotta love their bin of ready-to-be-trashed flowers. There's always some life left in them.]

I live by lists. On paper. Can't create them on my iPhone or on the computer. They must be on paper. I start one at the beginning of the week, add to it, and by week's end, the paper is as soft as flannel, worn by being folded, read, refolded, written on.

This weekend's list was a doozy. I started off the morning by waking up to the alarm set at 5:15. I've never been one to get up early for those day-after-Thanksgiving or -Christmas sales. Never done it. But Belk, the modest little department store at our Forum shopping center (and within walking distance of our house), was having a charity sale. Harleigh had gotten me a ticket through a school fund raiser. That, coupled with the fact that they were giving away discounts to the first 100 people to enter the door (anywhere from $5 to $100), made it a no brainer. Besides, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get my sorry butt out of bed early if for any reason to get started on tackling that "to do" list.

After my before-the-sun-comes-up shopping spree, headed home to meet up with two contractors, then to the P.O. to mail my taxes, then to church for pre-Easter housecleaning (a church-wide event as socially fun as it is hard work). I stopped in our favorite lunch spot, My Friend's Place, where on a Saturday it's not unusual to find me eating a sandwich, my "to do" list spread out before me, and the gals behind the counter chatting with me between customers and catching up on Harleigh. Had to stop in Goodwill after lunch; heck, it's in the same shopping center as the lunch spot. Then to Hobby Lobby to search for some fabric and trim, the pet store for dog food, and then one of my favorite stops, Pike Nursery, where I bought perennials and annuals to spruce up the front yard. Home to plant (filthy and happy in the breezy 70 degree temps), then back to church where I had to speak to the congregation with an update from the committee that I serve on.

One thing on the list was to switch out a plant stand in my bathroom for this quilt stand. Works rather well to corral t.p., magazines, a candle, my glasses, and a pretty vintage towel.

Oh, and this morning I also baked a poppy seed cake for a friend's christening brunch.
"To do" list has turned into "Done" list.

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Christine said...

Brilliant idea!
And done so well.

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