Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a glorious weekend!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I didn't have a ton of TO DO's but was kept busy anyway, spurred on to get things done around the house simply because the inspiration of an open window was there to make every chore a joy! Got the refrigerator and freezer purged of expired food and wiped down to sparkle. The yard boy came and turned my overgrown lot into a lawn fit for royalty. Crafted on my new table. Mopped and vacuumed. Ran errands just as an excuse to enjoy everyone's good moods.

At a yard sale of a family selling a household of furniture from a relative recently passed, I fell in love with this heavy wrought iron coat tree. It comes apart into two pieces. I do believe I'll give it a coat of white paint. She possesses such fine bones and adornment. How could I turn it down?

Mr. Gidoen got a bath and a grooming, having taken on a mighty stink from the past week of endless showers.
At Goodwill I found this vintage bed jacket, which I think Harleigh will love to wear with jeans and a white cami. Love how the button adornments look like musical notes. And don't ya just love the fonts used on vintage clothing labels?

With Easter around the corner, I'm thinking about how I'm going to dye eggs. In the meantime, the church has asked us to take home empty eggs and fill them for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. Two bags of eggs came home with me to fill with not candy, but trinkets I have on hand in ye ol' craft room.

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Lisa said...

When you make your count down calendars do you buy your boxes somewhere or do you empty out matchbox ones to make them?

You have the best ideas and I sure enjoy your blog!!

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