Saturday, July 18, 2009

Snuggling in Bed with my Two Favorite Noses

This morning, the last Saturday of my vacation week, called for major snuggle time (must say real fast like MCHammer saying "hamme' time") in my King-sized bed — a bed this size is a must for the owner of an Old English Sheepdog. Gideon's got this beautiful, big black nose that makes his face storybook cute. And Harleigh, well she has a beautiful regal nose, now complete with a piercing.

Yes, she's been wanting one for a while. The belly button ring was her first choice, but I have a thing about belly buttons (if I put my finger in my belly button I get light-headed) and so that ain't gonna happen. But the nose piercing seemed very Harleigh. I went with her to Psycho Tattoo and was impressed by the people there (was expecting lots of attitude and lack of respect — yes, stereotyping at its finest, I'm ashamed to say) and how clean it was. It looks adorable on her. She's a great kid, and this is all about her expressing herself in an OK way. Might be way different than how I would, but then again, I'm 49 and she's 17.

What's more fun than putting glasses on your pooch? He's a Renaissance man.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Those two are so cute! My daughter had a nose ring for a while, but when she got engaged, decided to let it go, it was cute on her too. Got a question for you, you are so creative, thought you might help me come up with a great idea. I need to do a 50th anniversary gift, any creative ideas. Has the wedding already happened, and if so how did it go? I am sure it was wonderful. Jackie

Denise said...

What a way to start your day!

My granddaughter has been trying to talk me in to a nose ring! I told her if I was 30 years younger we could talk! At 51, I don't think so.


Gretchen said...

I'm not a fan of piercing but it sure beats a tattoo. My one daughter-in-law has spent a fortune having two tattoos removed. I told her I would have never let her get them if I had to be with her 24/7 and we agreed little Lauren won't.

At least the nose piercing can come out is she ever wants and then it's gone.


Amber said...

Your dog is so cute. Does he shed a lot? We're looking for a dog, but I can't stand dog fur in the house. I want a bigger dog, but it seems that only the smaller ones are non-shedding.

Jersey Girl in DC said...

Everytime I see pic's of your pooch, I can't help but smile!

Thanks for your comment on our nursery plans! We can't wait to get started. I went ahead and ordered the Anthropologie blue knobs. I can't wait for them to get here!

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