Sunday, July 26, 2009

Linen Finds Today

A stop at the Goodwill on my way home from Ace scored me some pretty nice items. Three vintage floral pillowcases to add to my collection.
This king-sized flat sheet for my bed. It is super soft and has the most beautiful shades of pussy willow gray.
A bed jacket. Don't need it but when I spotted the vintage manufacturer tag, at $3.00, well, it just needed to come home with me.

This Christmas tablecloth. Can always use these for entertaining, so I pick them up whenever I see them. This isn't an old one but it is so soft and worn that it just oozed good memories from some family's years and years of Christmas dinners.


Amber said...

Love all the linens. So pretty to look at.

Thanks for the info on the dog. I really appreciate it.

Denise said...

Hi...Love all of your thrifty goodies! The bed jacket is adorable!


aimee said...

i love everything you bought. i would not have been able to resist any of those items! good finds. enjoy!

beck said...

What a lot of pretty linens, lucky you! I would have been so happy to find them myself, I have quite a big collection of vintage pillowcases and always check first for them in op(thrift)shops. Do you make things from them? Love your blog by the way xo

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Oh, I love them all. The sheets are so pretty! I may get out early this AM before all the shop owners hit. Hope you have a great week! Jackie

Songbirdtiff said...

You always find the best linens. Soooo beautiful!

And to answer your question, yes, we are moved! I have exactly zero photos of our new place. :)

I will rectify that this week.

Gretchen said...


What great buys! I especially love, love the bed jacket. I would so wear one of those if they made them now.


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