Friday, July 17, 2009

495 (and a blown head gasket!)

I'm at 495 posts with this one, so I'm feeling a giveaway happening at 500. Stay tuned!

So, I've been off all this week, taking vacation time to get ready for Jenn's wedding this weekend. It's been a scorcher here so most everything I've accomplished has been a sweaty labor of love. Harleigh was off this week from lifeguarding but wound up with a babysitting gig that had her spending afternoons, the nights and the next mornings with two little girls. During the day the girlies were at camp (the one where Harleigh is lifeguarding).

We peppered my "working" week with some fun mother/daughter time, but I owe her true vacation time, which unfortunately won't come in a full-week package, so she'll have to take a day here and there.

Yesterday Harleigh went to help out with a car wash that the senior guys are doing to help raise money for their senior trip to climb Mt. Everest. (What happened to senior trips to Six Flags??) She asked if she could take my car, something she rarely does, and I said sure. Then off I went to run errands in her car. When driving home, the temperature gauge hit "H" and so I pulled over, called my mechanic, then AAA, got towed, Harleigh came to pick me up, then I got the dreaded phone call from Jim the Mechanic. Blown head gasket. $800-$1200. I spent the afternoon and evening feeling really sorry for myself, for my bank account (which is forever being tapped for the mini disasters that plague us), and about life in general. Not a great day at Chateau Gahan. But grateful that it was me, not Harleigh, who had to deal with the car mess.

But here is something sweet to end this post on a good note. Today I have the bridal party luncheon at Miss Laleah's (and she can host a get-together!), then off to City Club of Buckhead to set up for the reception. Here is the hostess gift I found for Laleah. A hinged silver-plated fortune cookie. I made up a fortune, typed it, printed it out, tucked it inside. Then found this Chinese takeout box in my Candy Spelling gift closet, put some tissue inside along with some shredded tissue paper (which looks like Chinese noodles!), and have a great hostess gift.


Songbirdtiff said...

Oh goodness! You have had a rough couple of months. :(

I can relate to the pity party. I've been having one of those myself for several reasons. I think it's time to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps, cook up a batch of sweet tea, and face the world. :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

You have just had it going on over and over. I will keep praying for you, but there you go again, in the midst of everything going on you are thinking of someone else, my girl that is character!!!!! Hang in there God doesn't waste anything, even those unexpected things that aren't so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the wedding, and try not to sweat too much. It has rained here several times this week, but still scorching. Jackie

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