Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Far, So Good

The weekend has panned out to be quite manageable. And that is simply because I vowed that the house overhaul would NOT get completed this weekend. Might take me two or three weekends to get the house back in order, but so be it.

Yesterday I dropped Harleigh off at her school's graduation. From there she was heading to Lake Hartwell with a girlfriend's family. Not the best of weather this weekend, so I'm a bit bummed for her. Hopefully they can get in lots of boating, tubing and water skiing despite the overcast skies and intermittent rain showers.
I ran a bunch of errands yesterday morning, all in preparation for the wedding shower I'm throwing in June. Just wait . . . it's gonna be real eye candy! (Am having a bit of trouble finding inexpensive sari fabric, but will make do somehow.) Dropped Mr. Gideon off at the groomer. Got home and began cleaning. It really is a blessing that all this crap happened. I've been able to clean and, best of all, rearrange things.

I'm gonna retire my miniature chair collection to the attic. In its place I've moved some things from the shelves in the study and made a white and pink theme on the shelves.


Loretta said...

What is the pink appliance - looks like an ice cream maker? I have the same pink vase in turquoise.

Love the serendipity of the thrift stores!

Enjoy this Monday off!

Libby Buttons said...

I love the vignettes on the shelves. The Ivy planter is adorable! I am thrilled to be back. I was away dealing with some health issues. So happy to be getting back in touch with you!

Darlie Doo

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