Saturday, May 30, 2009

Majestic Feathers Tag Swap

Got my tags in the mail today. Is this just one of the most wonderful things about blogging???? i have gotten such pleasure out of these doggone swaps.

I love this one from Angela with the vintage earring.
And Tammy has a bird who couldn't be more regal in her crown and silk & tulle skirt (with a feather tail sticking out!).
Marian incorporated fabric and sewing — MY INITIALS!!!!! — in hers, and included a list, on the back of the tag, of the origin of the materials that went into the crafting. (Think I'll use this idea next time I do a swap; I think it's rather special!).


Empty Nest Full Life said...

You've been busy posting. Love the tags, and congrats to Harleigh! Hope you are having a great weekend. Jackie

Tammy said...

Hi Dawn, I got mine today, also. How cool! I just love my golden eggs in the nest. It is one of my favorites! The velvet brocade background and the gold trim and burgundy tassel make it so regal. I love it! Thank you. What a wonderful swap. I am glad to meet you.

Denise said...

How cool are those tags?! LOL What are you going to do with them?


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