Sunday, May 17, 2009

Current Fascination . . . other people's shopping lists

As of late, when I go to the grocery store and pick out a grocery cart, I've been looking for one that has someone's balled-up grocery list in it. I tuck it into my pocketbook and when I get home and all the groceries are put away, I pull it out and unfurl it. And I see a story.

Sometimes the list has items that I know constitute a recipe. Other times I see grocery shopping in preparation for a party. I can sometimes imagine, from what is on the list, that there is a house full of kids, or an older couple. This one that I found yesterday was a grocery list and TO DO list combined. I love the part of the list that reads:

ritz crackers
★ trash bags
★ p. towels
★ t.p.
shredded wheat
fruit - lots
caramel sauce

Not sure why those three items are starred. And why "me you we rock" is on the list. I'm thinking that the list might have been done by a wife for her husband, and that she thought it would be sweet to slip that in.
Under Target, "bike lock" is written in a different handwriting. Perhaps Junior yelled to his mom, "Hey mom, I'm gonna need a bike lock for when I go down to the pool this summer," and she instructed him "please go add it to my list so we don't forget."

And I love that under B & Body Works, it says simply "smell thing."

Try this next time you go to the grocery store (or any store that has buggies). It's an interesting peek into other people's lives.


b. said...

i ALWAYS look at lists that i find in the shopping carts too.... its sooooo fun!

Denise said...

I always look at the lists I find in my carts! I also look at what the person in line ahead of are checking out! I'm nosy like that! LOL


Elizabeth said...

Oh this is great!! I love finding other peoples lists too. That is is good one you found, I haven't found any recently.
I wrote one out on Friday for a recipe,and stuck it in my pants pocket. When I got to the grocery store it was gone! I think it fell out of my pocket when I was trying on some items at Target. So, someone is going to find it and laugh.

Songbirdtiff said...

A friend of mine has a book that is compiled completely of found grocery lists. Some of them are really funny!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

That sounds like fun! I will have to give it a try. Jackie

devon said...

this is just 1/100th of why you are so awesome.

Christine said...

What a great idea, to "read" into what is on the list. I might even get some tips!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Love this, Dawn! This was the perfect list to find, too.

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