Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gideon + Winter = Heaven

Little man loves this cold snap we're having here in Georgia. He finds the toasty warm of the inside of the house rather stifling, what with all his fur, which isn't even at full coat.

Here he is playing fetch with a tennis ball. And then standing on a turned-over baby pool in the side yard (yeah, it looks rather trashy, but he likes it). It collects water which then ices over. One of his favorite outdoor pastimes is playing break-the-ice-with-my-big-hairy-paw-then-drink-the-water-that-I-find-below. Hello? Who doesn't like to play that game??


Laura said...

lol! Aw - Gideon is so very adorable!!

Sarah said...

I love your dog!!!!
Vintage Lily

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