Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday at Home

Had a wonderful dinner last night at my parents for Harleigh's Sweet 16 birthday. We had a standing rib roast, carrot souffle, baked potatoes, Yorkshire pudding (Mom chose a box mix instead of her tried-and-true homemade recipe; this one flopped royally, but gave us a good laugh), and my mom's "THE best lemon meringue pie you'll ever eat" for Harleigh's dessert of choice. And, of course, gifts.

Today I built a fire although it wasn't nearly cold enough outside to warrant it (this afternoon I gardened in a t-shirt!?!?!) and worked on my teabag cards. Have to get them done in time to get them to Feedle-dee-dee for Mother's Day shopping. An hour of putting jewels in the flowers.

Waiting on lots of shipments to arrive to not only get these cards done but to finish the shell crosses I've been working on. A rather twilight-zoney kind of day, but am getting a lot done despite the odd overcast unseasonably warm weather and a mood of malaise in the house.

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Biscuitbear said...

Mmhh, teabag cards? Sounds interesting! The flowers look great.

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