Friday, February 22, 2008

Monkey Face

We used to call my little sister Monkey Face; she was absolutely adorable. Here are some pictures of the two of us from the early 60's.

Bethie home from the hospital; a little more daunting to me than holding a baby doll.My mom dressed us up in really cute clothes: stirrup pants, white leather mary janes, gingham, pigtails.For Easter, our Nana knitted us these matching yellow coats, PapPap would get us corsages, and of course there were pretty dresses, new pocketbooks, and Easter hats!Ballet recital.And one of my favorite pictures of all. I believe it was a snowy day outside and Beth and I were playing dress-up. I had on some goofy winter hat (we called it the light bulb hat), you can see apron ties hanging, so I must have put on one of my mom's. There's some sort of cape involved in my get-up. And it appears I have a purse. But the piece-de-resistance is the mittens I have on my feet. (You can see the thumb sticking out on my left foot). I have no idea why I chose to put mittens on my feet, but at that age I think every kid thinks "why not?" And you can see Beth in the background sitting on the sofa (in her diaper and a long sleeve undershirt — back then we ALWAYS wore undershirts) and she's pouting because I wouldn't let her wear the "mitten" shoes.

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