Thursday, April 19, 2012

A puppy in the office

The design firm where I work is in a converted train roundhouse. Exposed brick, cement floors, two-story ceilings, all very conducive to accommodating the four-legged friends. And while a handful of people bring their dogs to work, I, on the other hand, leave dear Gideon at home. When he was a puppy he started coming to the office, but his car sickness coupled with the hour drive to and the hour drive home made for an anxious arrangement. And so he stays home at Chateau Gahan, sleeping on the chintz sofa or napping in the sunny ken on my roomy green chair. Toby, a retired gent and dog-walker, comes every day for walk and play time. Then when I get home, there's snuggling and belly scratching, fetching and keeping me company in the garden. I miss him during the day, but then along came Murphy. He's the president's puppy, a Sheepadoodle (half Old English Sheepdog and half Standard Poodle). He reminds me so much of Giddy as a puppy that it warms my heart. This dog is too cute for words.


Molly Hargather said...

Oh my goodness...he's huge!!

Gretchen said...

Dog hair and all, there is no dog like Gideon. I think I'd want to have a cuddle with him.


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