Monday, April 2, 2012

One Little Egg

Last year I did Asian-inspired Easter eggs, the year before it was robin eggs
This past weekend I took a stab at some natural dyes and had pretty good luck. But one egg in particular came out surreal. Using a mix of beet juice and the juice from mashed blueberries, this egg came to be. By not being totally submerged in the dye and then toward the end of the bath being dunked for a bit, this circle appeared. Love how it's dark around the outer edge. 
It looks like a moon or a planet on a velvet teal night. 
I added a few dots of glue and adhered some glitter to look like stars. Too pretty to eat.


Claudia said...

I love it, Dawn! Love your egg cups, too. I collect them and especially love the figural egg cups like yours.


Gretchen said...

Your egg is beautiful! I tried using beet juice too. I love your little egg cups.


a. chang said...

It appears you lead a fascinating life. Congrats
Andrew C.

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