Thursday, June 6, 2013

Custom Gift Bags

Harleigh has a summer of weddings to attend, and I've tackled the gift buying as soon as an invitation arrives in the mail. And quite frankly, as much as I love a pretty-wrapped present, the cost of the box, paper and ribbon/bow has almost rivaled the price of the gift. So I've gone a route that costs me $1.99 per present.

I buy a plain white gift bag. I've found these shiny, nicer ones at Party City (a bit nicer than matte-finish kraft paper ones). Cost = $1.99. I print out the couple's initials in a simple font, tape the paper onto a piece of scrapbook paper — using what I have on hand— that has been Xyroned (an adhesive application process), cut out the initials and put them on the bag. With a piece of white tissue paper peeking out the top of the bag and a simple white postcard inside with a note from Harleigh, this bag is elegant and understated.

A simple and personal solution.

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Gretchen said...

This is a super idea and I love the personalization of the bag! I agree that lots of times the bag costs more than the gift and I hate spending money on them.

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