Monday, June 17, 2013

A Weekend of Flowers

I hosted a Father's Day celebration at Chateau Gahan, 
and I welcomed home Harleigh from a week's vacation at the beach. 
Both cause for a trip to Trader Joe's to get me some bouquets.
When she's away for any length of time, it's tradition that she come home to fresh flowers
in her bedroom and bathroom.

I also made a trip to Pike Nursery for annuals for my kitchen window box. 
I have a pair of all-black hobby store Halloween crows that I decided to paint and add.
Used acrylic paints and then gave them both a spray of matte clear coat.
These birds are very versatile for crafting. 
I covered two in papier mache for a wedding, 
and they turned into adorable keepsakes for the bride and groom 
(see image below my window box birds; photography by Ali Harper).

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Gretchen said...

Love all the pictures. That seating chart is just genius!

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