Friday, June 14, 2013

Cape San Blas Vacation

Some final pictures from the Brown family vacation. Harleigh and Kasey had to head out a day early to make a rehearsal tonite and wedding tomorrow (Harleigh is a bridesmaid).

Lots of corn hole playing. 
Don't you just love the beach in the early evening? 
All showered and clean. 
The sand still warm from the sunny day.

Such a girl thing. Just standing in waist-deep water, gabbing.

Harleigh seemed to have found the perfect reading perch.

The traditional low country boil. 

The beach cabana. Put up on arrival day and not taken down until saying goodbye.

My girl and her beau.
Perfect sleeping at night: camping hammock on the porch means 
the sound of the waves to sing you to sleep.


Gretchen said...

The perfect vacation. Family, food and fun!

Hedy King said...

We love Cape San Blas for our summer and Fall Break vacations. Nothing but nature. Just know she had a great time there.

zionriverresort said...

Great post!!! looks like a wonderful place to vacation.

vacation ideas for kids

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