Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

Harleigh's boyfriend, Kasey, is one of three boys in a family that's steeped in Southern hospitality, their faith, traditions, and loving every minute spent together. Their annual trip to the beach means finding a house big enough for 15+ people (uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents . . .) and right on the beach (they flip-flop East and West coast of Florida from year to year). Harleigh is blessed to be part of this family (she and Kasey have dated a year and a half), and is enjoying her second year of this tradition. This year they are in Cape San Blas, a secluded seventeen-mile long barrier peninsula on the Gulf.

This year's house is two homes joined by a bridge walkway. They've rented the one on the right, but figure that this is a good option as the families grow. Will share more pictures throughout the week (thanks, Miss Karen! I love seeing my girl have a good time!!)


Gretchen said...

The house is beautiful. What a lucky girl to have found Kasey and his wonderful family.

Christine said...

I'd spend most of my time on that daybed swing!

What a great time for everyone, especially Harleigh and Kasey.

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