Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shell Heaven and House Hunting

I spent the last few weekends knee deep in shells; if only it had been at the beach. The next best thing is crafting my shell crosses. Three more are now in my etsy shop. As I describe them in the listings, each is lovingly crafted using shells I've found myself from shelling expeditions (translate: vacations at the beach where all I do is read and shell). I do supplement my designs with shop-purchased shells, but 90% of what I use is found by little ol' me.

What's funny is that as I sit at my craft table and place each beachy gem in place, I can often times remember the beach where I found it, which brings a flood of memories so rich that the cross I'm working on instantly becomes infused with love and good vibes. These remembrances from a woman who can't remember why she walked from one room of the house to another. Oy vey. Well, I consider myself lucky that my mind hasn't shed the joy of what my beach trips have meant to me.

Topic change.

If you have some downtime at your computer, head on over to It's a real estate site. You can key in a city and tour homes for sale. Gives you a glimpse into all kinds of home decor. And proves that just because you have money, doesn't mean you have good taste.

Here are some houses that I came upon that made me all dreamy-eyed. If they don't come up when you click on the link, may have sold:

Charming house in Newport Beach, CA with a dutch front door.

This one in Mystic, CT could be a beauty with a little TLC.

I'm not typically a girl of modern taste, but this beach house feels cozy with the color choices.


Anonymous said...

You had me scared with the post title. Glad to see you were window shopping. I like Zillow too, you can spy a little to see home values of house in a neighborhood. Lynne R.

nikita sharma said...
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